Sapphire Bar @ The Sukosol

Come enjoy a 1920s ‘speakeasy’ with the most creative drinks and happening jazz in town!

Fabulous ‘happy hour’ from 5–7pm daily.

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Company DNA

A Thai Company

We are a home-grown company that wherever possible thinks globally and acts locally. We take pride in honouring our roots and doing our part to bolster the Thai economy.

The Sukosol Group is a home-grown business that thinks globally and acts locally. Wherever possible the group utilises local people and products to provide employment (currently 1,500 people strong), help the economy and safeguard the environment. 

As a Thai owned and operated company the Sukosol Group is cognizant that staff are the backbone and lifeblood of sustaining a productive and profitable business. Without efficient support, co-operation and input from every employee, from server to general manager and technician to vice president, a company of this size and diversity could never have hoped to flourish and grow as it has.

The company is pleased to take part and organise a range of social, charitable and environmental events to support the local community. In tough times the group has been instrumental in aiding staff in the procurement of safe housing, food, transportation and funds. On a day-to-day basis the Sukosol Group is also committed to identifying, nurturing and training all of its employees so they can reach their full potential with the company. 

A Family Company

At the core of the Sukosol Group is a strong, committed and dogged family that has worked hard for over 70 years to make this company the success entity it is today.

In short, behind the name, the awards, the products and the properties, there is a brilliant and strong-willed family that draws its extraordinary strength and success from the group’s motto: “We Put the Art in Business”. For 73 years the three generations of the Sukosol family have steered the company forward to ever greater levels of ambition and triumph through the combination of hard work, discipline and the merging of work and passion. 
From the smallest detail to a multi-billion-dollar-deal, every decision and action made by the group is in-line with the owning family’s guiding vision, values and mission [Please see the following “Philosophy” section for more details]. Of utmost importance is living and working daily by the creed that integrity, people, humanity and passion are paramount.

The Sukosol Group’s corporate identity is firmly built on more than half a century of operating as an independent family business. This independence has underscored the group’s endeavours from the beginning, in the form of tenacity, determination and doggedness; characteristics that will also set the tone for future development. Presently two generations of the Sukosol family are working side-by-side to continue the work of the company's founder, Mr Kamol Sukosol.

A Progressive Company

In 1973 our company’s founder, Mr Kamol Sukosol, jotted down the following statement: 
“We know the way of doing business in Thailand. We know the people with whom we must deal and know how to reach them. Most important of all, we have built over the years a reputation of reliability and trust in our services open to all our customers regardless of size and origin. We cannot rest merely contemplating the successes of the past. We must, and will continue, to search for the new opportunity and to introduce new ideas in our daily task. With this approach, we will continue to offer our services and look for more and better ways to serve our country and our friends”. 

This strong message still holds true another thirty years on with the Sukosol Group continuing to strive for global standards, excellence, innovation, service competitiveness and overall professionalism. Despite being a home-grown Thai company with its headquarters in Kingdom’s capital city, the Sukosol Group is imbued with a global outlook as all of its divisions are dependent on maintaining a flourishing worldwide network or customers, clients and suppliers. In the future the group plans to consolidate its current business ventures, expand into new trading territory and amplify its hotel sector. Exciting things are on the horizon, so stay tuned...