Sukosol Entertainment

For as long as I can remember performing has been a way of life in our family. Since we were old enough to clutch a microphone our mother has had us performing on stage to entertain clients and raise money for charity. This love of entertainment has eventually parlayed into a successful business for us; we now engage in everything from books and TV to film, music and event production. This division is where we really let our passions take hold and enjoy what we do for ourselves and our fans. 

Kamol 'Sukie' Sukosol-Clapp
New Developments Director


Our Story

Entertainment has played an integral part in all Sukosol endeavours since the very beginning. Learn how music, acting and inspiring others remain a big part of their life... Music has played a large part in forming the Sukosol story. In 1950, ...

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    Entertaining others with great live shows is at the heart of the Sukosol experience. From intimate family shows to blockbuster concerts with celebrities, we do it all! The Sukosol family are well known for their annual concerts...

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   The Sukosols are perhaps most synonymous with music: be it Kamala’s jazz crooning, Sukie’s Pru rockin’, Marisa’s soulful serenading or Noi’s artful lyrics. Over the years, the family has amassed a gra...

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When words are published, stories are told. Although our list is not that extensive, the books released by members of the Sukosol family have been an inspiration for many. Everything from tips, advice and life lessons learned to mistake...

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There Is No Life Without A Song

In the words of the great thinker Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music life would be a mistake”. The Sukosol family feel the same way, and that’s why they’re passionate about combining their two great loves: business and entertainment. This drive and focus is certainly in the blood—a third generation is currently taking to the stage—and will undoubtedly be one of the Sukosol family’s greatest legacies.