• 1939-1959

    G.E. Parnership Takes Off

    Began with radio sets and small electrical appliances. Eventually becoming G.E’s sole distributor in Thailand.

    Kamol Sukosol Co. Begins

    The Kamol Sukosol Company and store was inaugurated in 1939, and went on to have 22 showrooms in Bangkok and its surrounds.


    Thai Phonograph Flourishes

    At its height this company produced dozens of records annually and had a slew of top local talent on its books, such as Suthep Wongkamhaeng (who recordered over 3,000 songs furing the course of his career!), Sawalee Pakapan and Tanin Intarathep.

    Foreign Car Importation

    The group diversifies and begins importing numerous oversea car models for local consumption, chief among them being the American Studebaker; English Triumph and Singer; Dutch DAF; German N.S.U; and Japanese Mazda.

  • 1970-1974

    Receive Royal Thai Warrant

    The company was granted approval to display the royal Garuda symbol as a royal warrant by King Bhumibol Adulyadej in honour of being a well-established and reputable institution. 

    The emblem is still on display at the group’s headquarters in China Town.

    K.E.C Manufacturing

    K.E.C white goods like refrigerators and water coolers are produced for the local market. In addition joint ventures with Japan result in the manufacturing of refined alcohol for whisky and cars and pick-up trucks for regional sale.

    Diversifying Success

    It was also in the mid-1970s that the group segued into the insurance and finance sectors with the establishment of the Kamol Sukosol Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. and Kamol Sukosol Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • 1975-1990

    Esmeralda's City Debut

    Discerning renters have been choosing Esmeralda Apartments as their “home away from home” in the heart of Bangkok for over 30 years.

    Siam Bayshore Beginnings

    The Bayshore is one of Pattaya’s most iconic and long-standing hotels. When it opened it was one of only a few properties in the sleepy fishing village.

    The Bayview Rocks On

    Situated in the middle of Beach Road beside CentralFestival Mall this hotel was an insist hit with the local Thai populous, sojourning down from Bangkok, and beach-seeking foreigners, with an eye for quality, from the very beginning. Twenty years’ on it is still one of the city’s most popular addresses and continues to evolve (new lobby, suites and meeting rooms recently added).

    The Sukosol Shines

    This hotel has gone through many momentous changes (formerly called Siam City) and facelifts (new lobby, bar, landscaping, etc) over the past decade but has retained its inherent character and charm throughout. Due to its location and fine reputation, the hotel has long been a favourite with Thai royalty, foreign dignitaries, local politicians and international celebrities.

  • 1993-2012

    Bakery Music Goes Live

    In the mid 1990s the group added music to its portfolio with the hugely success launch of the independent record label called “Bakery Music”. Over the following decade they signed and produced many of Thailand’s most popular bands and singers, including Modern Dog, Pru, Joey Boy, Pause and Yokee Playboy.

    Bakery & BMG Merge

    Due to the unfortunate 1997 Financial Crisis in Asia, aka “Tom Yum Goong Crisis”, 50 per cent of the label was sold to BMG. And later on when they in turn merged with Sony, the group’s remaining stake in the label was relinquished.

    The Siam Shines

    This boutique 39–room hotel is the cheery on the top of the Sukosol Hotels sundae. Conceptualised by renowned architect Bill Bensley and designer Noi Sukosol, the hotel is imbued with a 1920s design ethos and houses a museum-worthy collection of priceless antiques and collectable. Situated on the Chao Praya River in Bangkok’s Royal Dusit District, it’s truly a unique gem and an urban oasis...

  • 2013-2014

    Wave Set to Launch

    The next member of the Sukosol Hotels’ family to come online will be this very special 21-room boutique Miami-style property in downtown Pattaya (in front of The Bayview on Breach Road). Aiming to really stand out of the crowd in the city that never sleeps, this hotel promises to offer guests a level of design and service hereto unseen in “sin city”.


    Siam Arun To Open

    This property is an adjunct to the existing The Siam hotel up the river. Located opposite Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), this property will house two spacious suites on the top floor and a restaurant and bar on the ground floor. The facility will provide locals and The Siam guests the opportunity to dine on the river in opulent, five-star surrounds.


    Siam Plantation To Open

    Although still in the “development” stage, this project is scheduled to commence construction shortly and will be the group’s first go at building and running a fully eco-friendly hotel. Situated on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Province, this special hotel will be built around a plantation-style main house and offer intrepid guests something very out of the ordinary and the opportunity to connect with nature in rural Thailand.